Posted on March 11, 2013 · Posted in Résumé

It all starts with your résumé. Do you have a résumé that passes the “10 Second Rule”?

That’s the rule that many hiring managers and human resources professionals live by when reviewing the many resumes that land in their laps.

If it doesn’t grab their immediate attention, it gets tossed in the “no” pile; if it stands out, it goes into the “yes” pile. Creating an effective resume is the first step in finding your dream job.

Résumés that read like job descriptions won’t cut it in today’s market, and all too often, this is what employers see.

Impact is everything!

The most crucial element to writing an effective résumé is selling the skills and knowledge you possess that will positively impact the company and the work that you do. In what positive way has your work affected, or impacted, your particular function in your previous employment opportunities? Double Click Consulting offers résumé writing and tailoring services that can land your résumé in the “yes” pile every time.

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